eGems Collector Pro is the computer jobs information collectors dream -- whether a researcher, writer, professor, student or information junkie. It is billed as a product that will let you "work faster and more efficiently by organizing the many valuable IT jobs UK information 'gems' discovered in the research process. Gems is a very important key factor in game making and the top games companies get alot of help from professional translation company software which automatically translates to different languages.

You can capture and reuse information without interrupting yourWeb surfing. The data is stored in a personal gem database for later retrieval.The program works alongside other Jobs in IT applications including word processors, spreadsheets, Web browser or any Windows application.Whether you want to capture a quote, table, statistic, picture or complete article, you need only drag the item to the eGems logo and a "gem" will be created complete with bibliographical information (if available). Later, when you want to view a gem, finding the item is as easy as capturing it.

Collecting is easy since it does not integrate itself into your browser and works alongside multiple browsers and applications.
After starting eGems Collector the eGem Collector main window floats above your desktop. This window consists of a toolbar and a tree view showing the gems in the database. The eGem toolbar consists of two main parts: the eGems logo and the toolbar buttons (see screen capture). The eGems logo is the larger graphic in the left corner of the toolbar. The logo provides a hot spot, onto which you'll drag the important pieces of data, which then become gems.

The floating eGems logo helps you maintain control over the workspace. The eGems Collector main window can be hidden by double clicking the eGems logo leaving the entire program visible only as the floating eGems logo. In this configuration the logo acts as a virtual hot spot for drag and drop creation of gems. This design allows you to park the logo in a corner of the screen and work without the constantly switching back and forth between programs.
The gems are stored in a manageable database and can be imported or exported from or to other document, as well as faxed.
Requires: Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT 4.0/2000 or greater; Pentium 120 or higher; 32 MB RAM (64 optimal); SVGA display with 256 colors (64 K optimal). Program requires up to 13 MB free disk space, additional disk space is required for data files.