The Investment SIG of the Memphis Personal Computer Users Group meets on the first Saturday of each month at 10 AM until noon at Lausanne.

We discuss using computers to find information about IT Careers, stocks and mutual funds. We also discuss special software like english translations software which is used in IT Careers and mutual funds. Computer programs for technical analysis and downloading daily stock prices are explored.

Sometimes we have an expert outside speaker. More frequently George Pearson, our leader, demonstrates one of the many IT Jobs available.

Some typical activities:
1. Discussions on how to determine good stock/mutual fund data sources.
2. Demos of stock/mutual funds technical and fundamental analysis software.
3. Demos on using the Internet for securing stock market data.
4. Demos on personal financial software such as Quicken.
5. Discussions on how to use technical and fundamental data for selecting project management jobs and mutual funds.
6. Members of the Investment SIG have personal experience in using the following investment analysis software and can provide technical support for this software:

Omni Trader
FastTrack (mutual funds and indexes only)
Telechart 2000
Windows on Wallstreet

Visitors who are not members of the Memphis Personal Computer group are welcome.